ALLMI Operator Lorry Loader Course

Course Aims and Objectives

To provide training to operators of Lorry Mounted Loading Equipment, to enable them to operate the lifting equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will receive an identity card and certificate, and will be registered on the ALLMI Operator database. The certificate and identity card are valid for five years, after which time refresher training and assessments will need to be undertaken. Both the identity card and certificate state the categories for which the operator is licensed. Candidates also receive the ALLMI Operator’s manual, which is used as a reference guide throughout their career.

Content and Course Design

The ALLMI Operator course consists of 15 modules and culminate in a written and practical examination. The assessment process is set by ALLMI and administered by the instructor. It consists of two theoretical assessments and one practical. The theoretical assessments consist of a set of core multiple choice and ‘open’ questions, as well as questions which relate specifically to the crane attachment being used. The practical assessment is designed to identify whether the candidate has the appropriate practical skills to operate a lorry loader safely and efficiently.

Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Legislation

Module 3: Introduction to the Equipment

Module 4: Pre-Operational Checks

Module 5: Operator Maintenance

Module 6: Lifting Equipment / Attachments

Module 7: Siting the Lorry Loader

Module 8: Deployment of Stabiliser Legs

Module 9: Use of Controls

Module 10: Preparing the Lorry Loader for Use

Module 11: Operating the Lorry Loader

Module 12: Stowing Procedures

Module 13: Prepare for Assessment / Revision

Module 14: Assessments

Module 15: Final Administration & Candidate Feedback

Course Dates

Scheduled throughout the year at TTA Manchester & Burnley

Can be delivered at customer’s premises to suit requirements.

Course Duration

Novice – 2 Days Refresher – 1 Day

Delivery Method

Maximum of 3 Candidates per course Practical and Theory

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Course Locations

Manchester Academy

Academy House, 255 Gloucester Street, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0JD

Call: 01942 874 686

Burnley Academy

17 Kestrel Court, Network 65 Business Park, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 5NA

Call: 01282 332 098


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