Licence Acquisition C1, C & CE and Fast Track C & CE (Double L’s)

Aims and Objectives

To convert drivers in the knowledge and skills of the relevant category C1, C, C+E or Fast Track C & CE, to the required standard of the DVSA LGV Driving tests.

Content and Course Design

Dependent on the licence being acquired will depend on the specific content of the course. i.e. Medical and theories to be undertaken.

Practical Training Consists of the below as a minimum and will be adjusted to suit the learners’ requirements:

  • Vehicle Introductions
  • Show Me Tell Me
  • Basic and advanced stops & starts
  • Negotiation of Round Abouts
  • Left & Right Turns (major and minor)
  • Negotiation of all Urban Driving
  • Negotiation of all Motorway Driving
  • Reverse Manoeuvre (including coupling and uncoupling if applicable)
  • Expectations of MOD3a (off road DVSA Practical Test) and MOD3b (on road DVSA Practical Test)
  • Present for DVSA Practical Tests

Course Dates

Scheduled throughout the year at TTA Atherton and Burnley

Please contact our Course Information and Booking Team on 01942 874686 or email for further details.

Alternatively, you can contact us through our contact page.

Course Duration

Fast Track C & CE (Double L’s) – 30 Hours including MOD3a and MOD3b DVSA Practical Test (12 Hours C progressing to CE)
CAT C or CE – 16 Hours including MOD3a and MOD3b DVSA Practical Test
CAT C1 – 14 Hours including MOD3a and MOD3b DVSA Practical Test

Course Location

At TTA Atherton and Burnley

Delivery Method

1:1 Instructor/Candidate Ratio (In Cab)

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