Learning Agreement

As a learner you have the responsibility to:

  • Work to maintain a positive learning culture within which individuals enjoy and benefit from learning and appreciate its relevance.
  • Take responsibility for our own learning, observing Transport Training Academy’s rules and regulations.
  • Treat each other with consideration and respect and value each other’s contribution, avoiding any anti-social behaviours or activities.
  • Express ourselves honestly, but sensitively and listen to the views of others, working together to achieve excellence and fulfil our goals and ambitions.
  • Be punctual and maintain good attendance in all training sessions.
  • Work innovatively, creatively and imaginatively, sharing ideas and good practise with each other.
  • Treat all individuals and Transport Training Academy property and premises with respect and refrain from illegal us of facilities including information and communication technology.
  • Continuously improve our skills, knowledge and practice.
  • Recognise value and celebrate our individual or shared success.
  • Trust each other to behave in a manner that is consistent with our shared values.


Transport Training Academy is committed to:

  • Providing you with a course that matches your skills and aspirations;
  • Recognising your previous learning and experiences wherever possible;
  • An introduction, introducing you to your course, teaching staff and the Academy;
  • Giving you information about the work you will be expected to do and how it will be assessed;
  • Providing you with information, advice and guidance throughout your course;
  • Providing tutors and support staff who have the skills, qualifications and commitment to support you and to encourage you to succeed;
  • Providing you with appropriate equipment, facilities and accommodation;
  • Providing a range of teaching and learning experiences throughout your course;
  • Providing opportunities for your personal development and independence;
  • Encouraging you to take responsibility for your own learning in co-operation with your tutor;
  • Providing on-going feedback throughout the duration of your course;
  • Providing opportunities to review your progress throughout the duration of your course;
  • Providing opportunities for you to comment on and discuss your course and the facilities;
  • Providing a healthy and safe environment;
  • Ensuring equal treatment and equality regardless of diversity or difference;
  • Celebrating your success.

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